Busiest Day in Rawkhet History

Wow! We silently launched our preliminary listings for Sword and Shield earlier today, and it’s already been the busiest day in Rawkhet Pokemon history. We haven’t even done any marketing for the new stuff yet! A big thank you and shout out to all our patrons who really keep us going.

It hasn’t been 24 hours yet It’s been 24 hours since our listings went live, and we have prepared 1,064 Pokemon so far over 49 orders and counting.

There’s only one console in the mix here, compared to the 4 3DS we have in rotation. While we have 3 Switch consoles, it’s better to keep them on standby in case something happens to the main one. The Switch is also not as easy to carry. So pardon our dust, and sorry for those who have hit 1-2 hours in queue time!

Custom Pokemon will be coming soon, once this first wave of orders settles a bit. We haven’t put down the Switch in the past 15 hours and won’t be able to accommodate Custom Pokemon requests in a timely manner if we launch right now. Thanks for your

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