Trade Guide


Hello! If you’re new to the world of Pokemon trading and need a guide on how to trade with me, this is the Rawkhet Pokemon Trade Guide. Looking for more answers? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

For Generation 7 (Switch / Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee)

Trading in Pokemon Let’s Go requires a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

  1. Open the game menu and select Communicate, then Play With Others.
  2. Select Faraway Player (Internet), then Link Trade.
  3. Enter the Pokemon combination sent by email to establish a connection with Rawkhet.
  4. Note that both parties must enter the code simultaneously. Communication is extremely important and you are recommended to maintain communication via a live chat platform such as the Website Chat, Facebook Messenger, or other means highlighted under the Contact page.


Friend Codes (3DS)

  1. Make sure your Internet connection has been set up in the 3DS Settings, and that you are within range of your Wi-Fi network.
  2. On the Home Screen of the 3DS, there is an orange face icon at the bottom screen, for Friend List. Click that.
  3. There’ll be a button [Register Friend] at the top right. Click that, then [Internet]. Add my Friend Code that you’ll receive in an email after purchase. The name doesn’t matter at this stage.
  4. You’ll see your own profile to the right. Moving to your card, you’ll see your Friend Code on the top screen. Send that to me, along with your in-game name which I will need to find you.


For Generation 7 (Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon)

  1. In-game, on the lower menu, click [Festival Plaza].
  2. Finish the tutorial if you haven’t.
  3. Click the blue Wi-Fi button at the bottom right to connect to the Internet. When connected, the blue bar on the bottom screen will change to “Connected to the Internet“.
  4. Wait for my trade request to appear. Don’t open any menus while waiting. Only accept the request from “Rawkhet”.
  5. Note: Connecting before you’re told to will likely cause us to miss each other.


For Generation 6 (XY / ORAS)

  1. Navigate to the Player Search System (PSS) on the bottom screen.
  2. Hit the blue Wi-Fi button to connect to the Internet. An “Internet” text will appear when you are connected.
  3. Wait for my trade request to appear. Don’t open any menus while waiting. Only accept the request from “Rawkhet”.

During the Trade

Just send over junk Pokemon that you’ve caught for Pokemon that you’ve bought!


Better Trades

Here are some tips for a fast and smooth trade!

  1. Avoid trading junk Pokemon that will trade evolve (e.g. Kadabra, Haunter, Machoke, Graveler, Boldore, Gurdurr, Phantump, Pumpkaboo). Doing so will greatly delay trades as we’ll have to wait for the evolution animation to complete.
  2. It’s cute, but try not to trade me a Pokemon of the same species as the one I’m trading you. For example, don’t trade me an Eevee if I’m also sending you an Eevee. It’s very confusing for me! Try keeping your junk Pokemon to really junk Pokemon.
  3. Figure out which are the junk Pokemon you are trading me before we begin – sort your boxes if necessary. It’ll save us both time if you don’t have to look through your boxes for them mid-trade.
  4. Communication is VITAL when setting up trades. You MUST be contactable so we can set up a trade. This means that the email you enter during Checkout must be valid and contactable – or you must actively communicate via site chat or Facebook. Also – Yahoo emails don’t always play nice.
  5. Upon purchase, you will immediately receive an email receipt, and trade details will be sent within 12 hours (usually much less). If you don’t receive these, send me a message via any of my channels.


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