Pecharunt's Mochi Mayhem

Pecharunt is ready for some Mochi Mayhem!

Hello Trainers!

Get ready for a delightful dose of chaos with the latest in-game event, Mochi Mayhem, featuring the mischievous new Pokemon, Pecharunt! We’re excited to bring you a host of updates and offerings in line with this latest release.

Introducing Pecharunt: Mischief-Maker Extraordinaire

  • Pecharunt Now Available: Looking for an extra dose of mischief in your team? Our new Pecharunt listing is just what you need! This playful ghost comes with a Perfect 6IV and a battle-ready set, perfect for stirring up some mayhem. Whether you don’t have the DLC or just need another, we’ve got you covered.

Teambuilder Update: Customize Your Pecharunt

  • Custom Requests: Our Teambuilder has been updated! Now you can customize your very own Pecharunt under our Custom Pokemon listing. Tailor it to your strategy and let this playful spirit unleash its full potential in battles.

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The Indigo Disk DLC - Defeating Iron Bundle Tera Raid

New Listings for The Indigo Disk DLC and More at Rawkhet!

Hello Trainers,

As we continue to dive into the depths of The Indigo Disk DLC, Rawkhet brings you another batch of exciting new listings! We apologize for the flurry of announcements lately – this will be our last one for a while, probably until the next major Pokemon release.

Our Latest Listings:

  1. All SV Legendaries: A comprehensive package of all SV Legendaries, including special event raids and DLC-exclusive Paradox Pokemon, in shiny or normal variants – easily sent to Pokemon Home via Nintendo Account, with add-ons to complete the entire set of Legendaries on Home.
  2. Terapagos: Perfectly trained, this deep-sea legend from Area Zero is ready for battle with a full 6IV.
  3. Gouging Fire & Raging Bolt: Exclusive to Scarlet, these paradoxical forces are now available for Violet players.
  4. Iron Boulder & Iron Crown: Scarlet players, meet the Violet-exclusive paradoxes, fully trained for battle.
  5. Past-Gen Starters Package: Relive the nostalgia with all past-gen starters, shiny and with their hidden abilities.
  6. Evolved Past-Gen Starters Package: The ultimate collection of evolved starters, including Hisuian forms.
  7. Deoxys Forms Package: Capture all four forms of Deoxys, each battle-ready and available in shiny and normal variants.
  8. Alcremie Forms Package: A sweet deal – all 63 forms of Alcremie, ready for battle.
  9. Minior Forms Package: Complete your collection with all 7 Minior forms, rainbow-ready and battle-equipped.
  10. Raid Killers: Special spotlight on Bronzong, Frosmoth, Archaludon for the Iron Bundle Tera Raid Battles.

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The Indigo Disk DLC - Hero Image

Unveiling New Adventures: Updates for The Indigo Disk DLC!

Dear Trainers,

As the Pokemon universe expands with The Indigo Disk, the latest DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we at Rawkhet are excited to bring you a plethora of updates and new offerings, perfectly aligning with the new adventures that await at Blueberry Academy and the mysterious Terarium.

Our Latest Offerings for The Indigo Disk DLC:

  1. Updated Custom Pokemon and Teambuilder: Dive into the new world with an updated roster, now including the latest Pokemon from The Indigo Disk.
  2. Expanded Living Dexes: We’ve broadened our Paldean Living Dex and The Paldea Dex listings to incorporate new and returning Pokemon from the DLC, maintaining our commitment to no price increase.
  3. Enhanced Past Paradox and Future Paradox Packages: Now featuring Gouging Fire, Raging Bolt, Iron Boulder, and Iron Crown, each package boasts a total of 10 Pokemon, offering more value without additional cost.
  4. Alolan Package Update: Welcoming the return of Exeggutor-Alola, enhancing the tropical charm of this collection.
  5. Legendary Additions: Our Past-Gen Legendaries Package is now richer with the addition of returning Legendary Pokémon.
  6. Exciting New Listings Coming Soon: Over the next week, keep an eye out for:
    • The Legendary Pokemon Terapagos
    • Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt
    • Iron Boulder and Iron Crown
    • Minior Forms Package
    • Alcremie Forms Package
    • Past-Gen Starters Package
    • Evolved Past-Gen Starters Packages
  7. Important Reminder: As we embrace these updates, let’s also remember that the Nintendo 3DS Network is set to shut down in April 2024. Consequently, our listings for XY, ORAS, Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be removed post-shutdown.

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A collage of defeated Tera Raid battles featuring Typhlosion-Hisui, Eevee, and Samurott-Hisui

New Listings and Raid Killers Update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Greetings, Trainers!

As your journey through the Pokemon world continues to unfold, we at Rawkhet Pokemon are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates and additions to our lineup of offerings. Get ready to elevate your Pokemon experience with our latest enhancements!

🌟 New Listings Alert! 🌟

We’re expanding our collection, catching up with the latest entries in the Unrivaled series:

Each of these Pokemon have been optimized for battle, complete with their Mightiest Mark to make your team shine.

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SV The Teal Mask - Announcement

New and Updated Listings for The Teal Mask DLC!

Hello Trainers,

The wait is finally over! As the enigmatic region of Kitakami unfolds with the launch of The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Rawkhet is thrilled to introduce our latest and most comprehensive listings tailored specifically for this expansion. From the whispering folktales to the unique Pokemon of Kitakami, we’ve delved deep to bring you everything you might need for your journey.

Our Updates for The Teal Mask DLC:

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Mewtwo the Unrivaled

Listings for Mewtwo Raids Now Live

Hello Trainers! Our listings to support you for the Mewtwo Raid are now live!

First off, two different Mew sets have been added to the Raid Killers listing. They are the Mew (Attacker) and Mew (Support), each playing an important role in the fight against Mewtwo. Both are from the GETY0URMEW event (remember to claim yours if you haven’t), have been trained up to their respective roles, and already have the Mightiest Mark obtained by defeating Mewtwo.

Next up, of course, we have Mewtwo the Unrivaled itself! Event too difficult? Missed the event? Or just want another Mewtwo? Look no further! This Mewtwo is fully trained in EVs and given a competitive set, ready to join your team.

Finally, better late than never, we’ve added Rillaboom the Unrivaled to our listings as well.

Smell ya later when the DLC drops in the middle of the month!

Farewell to Pokezon… Again!

Back in 2020, we bid farewell to one of our friendliest competitors, Pokezon. They would later reopen under new management in 2022, and unfortunately, they have closed down once again in 2023. We have always valued the healthy competition and camaraderie we shared with Pokezon, and their presence in the market will be missed.

When we first formed Rawkhet in 2016, we recognized Pokezon as one of the standout players in the industry. Their advanced and custom-built website showcased their commitment to providing a seamless experience for their customers. While we operated with a different approach, we always admired their dedication to excellence and their friendly nature. Our admiration for their work served as an inspiration for us as we iterated on our own platform and sought to improve communication with our customers over the years.

Maintaining friendly relations with Pokezon’s new management over the past year has only deepened our appreciation for their passion and hard work. It is never easy to say goodbye to a competitor who pushed us to strive for better and continuously improve our services.

As we say farewell to Pokezon once again, we extend our best wishes to their team for their future endeavors. We hope that their path forward is filled with success and fulfillment. Farewell, Pokezon, and thank you for making the space less lonely!