No, We Can’t Trade To Home

We get quite a few people asking if we can send the Pokemon they’ve purchased via Home – and the answer is no (as stated in the Trade Guide). Here’s why.

Pokemon Home is a hot mess. It truly is! You can’t trade on the Switch so you’re left with the mobile application. The mobile application doesn’t have a box view, opting to display Pokemon in Pokemon Go style (ugh). This makes it truly impossible to keep track of what to trade.

Next, Friend Trade doesn’t work the way most people think it should. Users must be in proximity with each other to trade which at the very least requires GPS spoofing (what is this, Pokemon Go!?). To top it off, you can only do 10 Friend Trades a day!

Held Items can’t be deposited in Home either. Most of the packages available on Rawkhet Pokemon come with recommended held items, sending them to Home would remove those.

Finally, the overhead and logistics involved with moving Pokemon from Bank/SWSH to Home in the first place is far too high.

The only listing that works for Home is The Rawkhet Pokemon Living Dex, which uses Bank to Home transfer to move 937 Pokemon in seconds. (edit: and the later added listings under the Home section.)

(second edit: we can now send Custom Pokemon and other purchases to Pokemon Home through the Nintendo Account method, with purchase of a compatible listing)

To conclude, here’s what we think of Pokemon Home:

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