Farewell to Pokezon… Again!

Back in 2020, we bid farewell to one of our friendliest competitors, Pokezon. They would later reopen under new management in 2022, and unfortunately, they have closed down once again in 2023. We have always valued the healthy competition and camaraderie we shared with Pokezon, and their presence in the market will be missed.

When we first formed Rawkhet in 2016, we recognized Pokezon as one of the standout players in the industry. Their advanced and custom-built website showcased their commitment to providing a seamless experience for their customers. While we operated with a different approach, we always admired their dedication to excellence and their friendly nature. Our admiration for their work served as an inspiration for us as we iterated on our own platform and sought to improve communication with our customers over the years.

Maintaining friendly relations with Pokezon’s new management over the past year has only deepened our appreciation for their passion and hard work. It is never easy to say goodbye to a competitor who pushed us to strive for better and continuously improve our services.

As we say farewell to Pokezon once again, we extend our best wishes to their team for their future endeavors. We hope that their path forward is filled with success and fulfillment. Farewell, Pokezon, and thank you for making the space less lonely!

Pokemon BDSP: After Action Report

It’s been a long time since we wrote one of these! The load from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is clearing up, which means we can sit back and reflect a little. Like Let’s Go, BDSP is a relatively smaller game much less Pokemon to work with. Honestly, it was refreshing to have much less to think about when coming up with listings. The game was fast enough to get through, and the way this game was made allowed research to be done quick.

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Furfrou Forms on Pokemon Home

With the latest Pokemon Home update, Furfrou forms are now available in Pokemon Home! We’ve had a few customers ask us if we will be making a listing for this.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will be making a Moving Key listing for Furfrou because at just 10 Pokemon, the price point would be too low for the trouble (20+ Pokemon by Home in the other packages are 8 USD). We’ll keep watch on this and see if Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl bring any surprises, like having Furfrou (probably not).

Update: After doing more research on this, we’ve realized that such a transfer would be impossible. We do not sell Pokemon from Pokemon Go, and Furfrou that are transferred from Bank do not retain their forms.

PSA: Coalossal Mystery Gift

Wolfe Coalossal

There is an on-going Mystery Gift event in Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Pokemon National Championships’ Torkoal.

Search for a Mystery Gift online using the Code/Password V1CT0RYENG1NE25 to get it!

Set details:

Coalossal-Gigantamax (F) @ Weakness Policy
IVs: 0 Atk
EVs: 68 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 180 Spe
Ability: Steam Engine
Level: 50
Modest Nature
– Protect
– Meteor Beam
– Heat Wave
– Solar Beam
OT: Wolfe
ID: 210813

PSA: Torkoal Mystery Gift

There is an on-going Mystery Gift event in Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Pokemon National Championships’ Torkoal.

Search for a Mystery Gift online using the Code/Password PJCS2020CHAMP to get it!

Set details:

コータス (Torkoal) (M) @ Sitrus Berry
IVs: 12 Atk / 0 Spe
EVs: 236 HP / 20 Def / 252 SpD
Ability: Drought
Level: 50
Bold Nature
– Burning Jealousy
– Body Press
– Yawn
– Protect
OT: クララ
ID: 210718

The Crown Tundra: After Action Report

Much like what we did for The Isle of Armor, this is our after action report for the latest Crown Tundra DLC. It’s coming in a little late, 3 weeks after the launch (compared to the week after for IoA). But this has definitely been a turbulent time in the world, with fatigue on everyone’s minds together with an emotional rollercoaster (especially for those of us in the United States).

One of the major changes we did for this launch was to close Checkout instead of allowing it to run and result in a snowball effect, as we experienced in the previous release. We took longer to prepare this time as we wanted to enjoy the game and all its intricacies before starting to trade with customers – and truth be told we weren’t running at max capacity during launch as we were still playing through Dynamax Adventures.

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Gmail’s Problematic App – How To Reply To Emails

Recently, an increasing number of customers have been incorrectly replying to emails. After investigations, it would appear that the Gmail app on iOS and Android hasn’t been working well.

Specifically, replying using the Gmail app right now adds a ridiculous amount of extra spaces between each line of the original email. This poses a User Interface problem, because while replies should go above the original message, some might click into the extra space and create an in-line reply instead. The Gmail team has been made aware of this issue, one can follow along here.

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Farewell, Pokezon

Pokezon is closing down. We have always considered them as our best competitor in the market, and will be sad to see them go.

When we formed our website in 2016, this was a solo endeavor. Looking through others in the market at the time, Pokezon was the only one that stood out. Most sellers are not actually tech savvy, they are script kiddies – evident from the platforms they sell on (random Facebook pages with Google Forms, or lazily slapped together *ugh* Shopify sites). Not Pokezon, which had a respectfully advanced and custom built website.

I, the original head of Rawkhet, have always joked with my team when discussing competitors that if/when Rawkhet does close down, I want to chat with Pokezon and tell them how awesome they are. I didn’t expect the converse to happen. They were truly one of the best, and a huge inspiration to Rawkhet. Wishing them a happy retirement, and greener pastures ahead.