Boxes Full, Knees Weak, Arms Spaghetti

We’re now in Day 2 of the Sword and Shield influx! The Pokemon can’t get traded fast enough – especially since the game servers have been having maintenance windows. At least we used the downtime to prepare the new orders, but all 32 boxes are full so the preparation queue may be a little stuck for now.

In the past 24 hours, 829 Pokemon have been prepared across 49 orders. The peak queue time is 3 hours.

Anyway – a question we’ve got a lot recently is the availability and pricing of Custom Pokemon. We still don’t have an ETA on when we can start to offer that, as if we started now the queue is simply not going to move. But yes, it’s in the pipeline, and yes we will support “Ultra” square Shiny Pokemon. We know competitors are offering Custom Pokemon at 5 to 10 USD each, that’s ludicrous.

We’re proud to announce that Custom Pokemon for Sword and Shield will be at 2 USD each, and 10 USD for a team of 6.

One thought on “Boxes Full, Knees Weak, Arms Spaghetti

  1. Alex cyr says:

    I love your prices and definitely will be buying custom teams when they are available!!! Worth the wait

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