Second Switch in the Mix

Uh-oh, it’s starting to become clear that we can’t continue on just using one Switch like we thought. The standby Switch is now in the mix! This should hopefully ease the load and decrease queue timings. One big improvement in Sword and Shield is we don’t use Friend Codes anymore (let’s just pretend LGPE doesn’t exist). This allows us to load balance much better, as customers are not assigned a static console to trade with.

There have been cases where customers do not receive emails (because it’s getting trapped by a spam filter), but despite instructions in the FAQ they continue to email us asking for their Pokemon (our replies subsequently end up in spam). We’re looking at some way to enhance this short of customer education, and have added a notice under the My Account section of the site regarding this.

We’ve seen a few customers who forget to connect to the Internet before searching on the Y-Comm. This is an age old problem, happening since Gen 6. Another problem are customers who aggressively connect out of turn, resulting in confusion and delays. A big thank you to everyone else who have been so patient!

Canned responses (yes, they are) have also received an update. Messaging for collection should now be even clearer!

Finally, here’s an image that parallels what we’ve been doing for the past 3 days.

3 thoughts on “Second Switch in the Mix

  1. Tyler LeBlanc says:

    There are also problems with some people not connecting even with matching link codes. How will you deal with that problem?

    1. We’ve seen this twice now. Eventually, we traded a few hours later and it worked then.

      1. We’ve found the potential problem for this – network NAT type. If anyone is facing this issue (not just in trading with us, or other things like Surprise Trade), check out Nintendo’s troubleshooting steps at: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22541/

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