Update on Sword and Shield

Hi! First off – thank you so much to those who have been patiently waiting for Rawkhet Pokemon to support Sword and Shield. We have been working at it since before the game’s release, and estimated for us to launch today. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

That being said, we should finally launch in limited capacity by tomorrow! We will have various packages and rare Pokemon such as Mew and 6IV Japanese or Foreign Ditto – with Custom Pokemon to come slightly later as we perfect our approach.

One of the plans with Rawkhet 3.0’s launch is to be more open about the process as a whole, so we’d like to talk a bit about what goes on behind the scenes. The past few days have seen various improvements to the automation process that will see Rawkhet maintain it’s great pricing. Frankly, selling single Pokemon at US$10 works for some sellers, but that’s too much of a rip-off and Rawkhet will never stoop to that level. We believe in fair pricing beneficial to everyone that correctly illustrates the amount of work put in – though we definitely are light years ahead of most as we develop our own tools!

Pokemon Legality is another huge concern for us. We cannot and will not launch unless we are absolutely sure the Pokemon we trade are Legal. While the Pokemon may still be tradable (because the game’s checks are largely inadequate), we would know and that is unacceptable. This is a major reason why it has taken us this long to launch as we continue our research and make sure the Pokemon are perfect in every way possible.

Once again, sorry about the delay – and we’re nearly there!

One thought on “Update on Sword and Shield

  1. Michael says:

    No, thank you for putting your time to trade the Pokémon, and adding new listings for Gen 8. I appreciate it.

    Regards, Mike

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