Zarude-Dada Now Available!


Whoops, this was delayed by 3 weeks – but the Zarude-Dada individual listing is now live. Check it out here!

We managed to add it on launch day (December 25) to the Teambuilder, but have been so busy over the past weeks that we weren’t able to create the listing for it. Back then, we also silently added Zarude-Dada into the Gen 8 Pokemon Home Packages, and have now updated the listing descriptions to match.

That seems to be the end of Sword and Shield for now, let’s see what GameFreak comes up next for Sword and Shield… Or beyond!

One thought on “Zarude-Dada Now Available!

  1. Tsakalov says:

    Let’s hope for a pokemon let’s go 2 with Johto…
    At least I do.
    You are the best and most recommend site for Pokémon. I have bought from you and I am very satisfied.

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