New Pokemon Home Listings!

New Home

We have added some amazing new and comprehensive listings to our Pokemon Home category! This includes the entire Galar Dex, or a Sword and Shield Living Dex.

The new listings make use of Nintendo Account transfer, compared to the Moving Key method. The Trade Guide has been updated with instructions on the new method. By using Nintendo Account transfer, we are able to send Gen 8 Pokemon as well as opposed to Moving Key which only works for Gen 1-7.

Additionally, this method allows for us to send Pokemon from other listings (e.g. Gigantamax Package, Custom Pokemon) with the same order directly into Home. No junk Pokemon required, and we don’t have to be online at the same time!

Here’s a comparison of our flagship Home listings:

The Rawkhet Pokemon Living Dex All Gen 1-7 Legendaries The Galarian Living Dex The Galar Dex All Legendaries
Transfer Method Moving Key Moving Key Nintendo Account Nintendo Account Nintendo Account
Number of Pokemon 937 90 794 175 97
Generations Covered 1-7 1-7 1-8 8 1-8
Battle Mark / Galar Origin No No Yes Yes Yes
Offline Transfer No No Yes Yes Yes
Add Other Gen 8 Listings (e.g. Custom Pokemon) No No Yes Yes Yes
Base Cost 40 USD 15 USD 50 USD 40 USD 35 USD

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