Reading is Fun!

Once in a while, we get a customer that decides not to read any part of the website during their purchase. Just today, we had a customer that messaged us repeatedly (and rudely) after 5 hours of placing his order, despite the first line of the order confirmation page and the order receipt email, as well as the FAQ and Status pages, all indicating the estimate to be “within 24 hours”. In 3 years of Rawkhet, this is the first banned customer (albeit, we’re having quite a bad day to begin with).

The messaging across the website has had a lot of refinement and thought put into it. When customers ask questions that have already been answered, we try to link them to places they’ve missed (such as the FAQ or Trade Guide) – but questions on timing, particularly below 24 hours, are ignored.

Rawkhet’s preparation times over the past week have been less than 12 hours, with the full 24 hours being the buffer. We’re able to hit 12 hours most of the time (or even less).

Messaging repeatedly, as mentioned in the FAQ, does not speed things up. Rawkhet is not a full-time job (ALSO mentioned in the FAQ). The last thing we want is to come back from a long day of work and deal with a string of rude emails from someone.

Edit: Banned another kid, another one bites the dust!

4 thoughts on “Reading is Fun!

  1. PokeFlameBlitZ says:

    Also I wasn’t intending to be annoying I wasn’t rude too I read some reviews and I thought u help people out like u said in a kid but I though u might help me I didn’t thinked your a grown adult that’s very busy

  2. PokeFB says:

    It was 20 hrs I was telling him if he’s online or not than he say I’ll ban you and how was I rude

    1. Great, this gives us a chance to elaborate regarding our criterion on banning. Obviously, we don’t want to ban people and don’t take this lightly.

      This second case sent 34 questions over the course of two days. 60% were already answered in the FAQ, 20% were repeat questions, and 10% were just off-topic.

      Now for some stats. 13.5 hours after the order was placed, customer requested changes to the order. 3.5 hours after that, customer messages to complain that “it’s been over 12 hr”. 3 hours after that, the order ready notification was sent.

      As part of the order ready notification as well as the messaging throughout the site, it is mentioned that users will be placed in a queue when they reply and will be contacted when it’s their turn. Customer proceeded to send 5 messages in under an hour aggressively asking if it’s time to trade and that it takes “too long to wait”.

      This ultimately culminated in a refund on the order and a ban, because while we can understand the need for instant gratification (ugh) in kids of today we won’t tolerate rudeness and threats against our staff.

      1. PokeFlameBlitZ says:

        I’m sorry I learned my lesson please forgive me u didn’t have to ban me maybe a warning will do I never know you would ban

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