Pokemon Home is Released!

Wow! Lots earlier than expected. Pokemon Home is released and we’re working through the night to get everything ready. Here’s where we are right now (though we’ll probably fall asleep at some point and pick up in the morning).


  • Procurement of templates and ready migration
  • Website Stubs
  • Teambuilder Updates You can find the new Pokemon in Teambuilder and buy them through the Custom Pokemon listing!
  • New SWSH Listings
  • Update Gen 6/7 listings
  • Trade Guide Updates
  • Home Living Dex Listing Now live here!
  • Finalize remaining listings and common messaging

[Edit: Everything from here is on hold because once again, GameFreak can’t do multiplayer right and Home is a hot mess. To keep things safe, we’ll pause here for now]

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Home is Released!

  1. Beanie! says:

    I’m so glad your working on it! I do plan on buying 3, maybe 4 or even 5 from you guys cause you deserve it for being an excellent Pokemon seller! x3

  2. Caleb says:

    Thank you for working diligently on the new updates. I will certainly purchase any new packs with the newly available pokemon.

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