Rawkhet’s Home v2.0.0 Update

It’s been a few weeks since Pokemon Home’s massive v2.0.0 update, which brought support for transfer to and from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus. Rawkhet has been hard at work updating our listings for this update, and we are pleased to announce the following new listings and changes.

New Listings


  • The Custom Pokemon listings and Teambuilder have had their restrictions adjusted to account for new transfer possibilities.
  • The FAQ page has been updated to reflect the same.
  • The featured listings on the Home page have received a redesign for better organization, because we simply have too many products to feature.
  • Given the success of the English named Japanese Ditto Packages we introduced in BDSP, we have made this change to our XYORAS, SuMoUSUM, and SWSH Ditto Packages as well. Full Ditto Packages in Japanese will now have the nicknames after their nature in English, within the 6 character limit.
  • Due to Home restrictions for BDSP, an additional note has been added to several listings for awareness.
  • The Living Dex packages have been largely renamed to reflect their content better, given the large amount of Living Dex packages available now.
  • The Galarian Living Dex has been given updated addons to complete the Home Dex.
  • The Legends Arceus Legendaries Package has been given the option of Shiny Pokemon, since transfer from Home is now a possibility.
  • Mew and Jirachi listings for BDSP have been updated with Shiny options as well.

What’s Next

It’s been a long time coming for this update, and we’re happy to have been able to offer these unique packages. The next thing on the horizon is of course, the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We can’t wait to see you in whatever region comes next.

Stay safe!

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  1. David says:

    So I missed the initial email because I work 12 hours day. The following day I caught an email just in time an the whole process took About 5 minutes it was super super quick and easy extremely satisfied

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