Shiny Eternatus Now Available!

SWSH Eternatus Released

Looks like we’re squeezing in one more update before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

We’ve just added the Shiny “Galar” Eternatus Event to our store. The Custom Pokemon Teambuilder has also been updated to allow its generation.

There have been other changes recently. The Mythical22 Marshadow and Volcanion have taken over their predecessors (Mt. Tensei and Nebel, respectively) in the packages (e.g. Mythicals Package), as we always prefer the latest event over past-generation ones where possible. The Gen 8 Home Packages have all been updated with the latest events as well, additionally using more OT variable variants (e.g. Celebi, Zarude) for better customization.

See you in Paldea in two months! Till then, stay safe.

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