Pokemon Legends Arceus Listings Now Live!

Pokemon Legends Arceus is out! What a drastic change to the formula – though it’s definitely a welcome one, as this has been a really enjoyable game to play.

Rawkhet has added support for Legends Arceus, and the listings are:

As before, trading is significantly harder at the start, combined with the initial load when we open. Therefore, there will be surge pricing in effect at this time, which will be dropped if/when we are able to automate the trades better.

With that, we hope everyone is having an amazing New Year and start to 2022. See you all in Hisui!

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Legends Arceus Listings Now Live!

  1. Zaccaria Dickerson says:

    Just bought a product and am really satisfied with how fast the product came. I highly recommend using them to get your pokemon!

  2. Reginald Johnson says:

    With Legend Arceus finally out,i have two questions.

    1. Can I get any Alpha pokemon i want but with the custom Trainer name and ID?

    2. IF I were to use Rawkhet again,would I be able to a bunch of Arceus and Darkrai and Shiny Alpha Pokemon.

    1. 1. Please check the Custom Pokemon listing and the Teambuilder.
      2. Check the Custom Pokemon listing.

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