Goodbye Shaymin, Hello Darkrai

The Shaymin event for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has ended, and has been replaced by the Darkrai event running for the month of April. If you’re a BDSP player, don’t forget to connect to Mystery Gift and collect the Member’s Card to catch your own Darkrai!

The BDSP Legendaries Package has been updated to add Darkrai, along with Shaymin and Arceus in the previous weeks. All three are also available from the BDSP Custom Pokemon listing, with options available in the Teambuilder. If you missed getting Shaymin, no worries! We got you covered.

For Arceus, we also have a package available with all the different plates and forms.

We anticipate the next spike in activity will be when Home support is announced for BDSP and Legends Arceus. It would finally bring the final missing legends – Celebi and Deoxys – to BDSP, and connect the whole of Generation 8 together. We’ll be readying Living Dex listings to support this update when it comes!

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