It’s Never 7691

Just some fun trivia. Customers who have ordered Pokemon for Sword and Shield might notice (especially repeat customers) that the Order Ready email says the Link Code is 7691, but when the trade is being established they are told to use a different code.

We’ve decided to share one of Rawkhet’s secrets. Any ideas why it’s never the code in the Order Ready email?

Rawkhet receives 50-100 orders a day and prepares them in batches. As many as 50 collection emails go out in one batch, and although both the email and the Trade Guide say – in bold – not to key in the code before being told to do so, there are some who still do. Having an arbitrary, unused Link Code in the Order Ready email helps to:

  • Prevent collision with the real Link Code(s) – anyone who jumped the gun would be stuck searching or collide with someone else who also jumped the gun
  • Prevent customers from asking for a Link Code – purely psychological, by having a value there customers won’t ask for a code before it’s their turn in the trade queue

Since we have multiple devices we planned Link Codes in a way where specific devices use a particular Link Code, with another range of codes for errors (when we are unable to connect with the customer on a previous code and so on). Definitely helps to prevent collisions and is a really smooth flow!

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