Isle of Armor: New and Revised Listings

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We’re nearly at the end of Day 1 of our Isle of Armor coverage. What a day, we’ve essentially traded for 15+ consecutive hours with really little breaks.

Here are the updates to the website, with new listings and several changes to previous ones:

Custom Pokemon and Teambuilder

The Rawkhet Pokemon Teambuilder has been updated to v4.0.1, with fixes for Urshifu’s Gmax forms, missing starter Gmax, missing apricorns, and returning evolution items.

Gigantamax Package

The Gigantamax Package has seen a major increase from 26 Pokemon to 33 Pokemon, with the addition of 5 new starters and the two Urshifu forms. The additional 7 Pokemon will see the listing move from 15 USD to 18 USD.

Kubfu & Urshifu Trio

A new listing for Kubfu and both Urshifu forms has been created.

Past-Gen Legendaries Package

Magearna (not Original colored) has been added to package bringing the total number from 22 to 23, at no extra cost. Magearna-Original is available from Custom Pokemon.

Starters Listings

The Past-Gen Evolved Starters Package and the Galar Evolved Starters Trio listings will have the 5 new Gmax compatible starters in place of their normal ones.

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