Isle of Armor Updates: Teambuilder v4.0

Howdy! The Isle of Armor DLC has just dropped (a little over an hour as of this post). We’re pleased to announce that the Rawkhet Pokemon Teambuilder has just been updated to v4.0, with support for the new Pokemon (Kubfu, Urshifu, and Zarude), returning Pokemon, new abilities, and new moves. Easily generate your Custom Pokemon!

This is another major Teambuilder update, with persistent data storage and a new way of handling sets. You can now manage the sets you’ve generated, moving them back to the editor or deleting them from your generated list.

But wait, there’s more! You can now save what you’ve generated to your browser, and pick right where you left off the next time you come back.

We were extremely prepared for this, with the groundwork laid days in advance. Having the Teambuilder updated with the new data within 1 hour of the DLC dropping has been one keyboard blazing ride. If you see any bugs, please let us know!

Stay tuned for more Isle of Armor updates as we update our services.

4 thoughts on “Isle of Armor Updates: Teambuilder v4.0

  1. James says:

    Is it possible for you guys to give the custom Pokémon marks/ribbons? I assume this might not work since it seems the Pokémon are based off of eggs hatched in the battle tower, and marks can only be obtained via catching a Pokémon. Thought i would ask anyways though as you guys figured out how to edit trainer ID #s, which I didn’t think was possible (much appreciated addition btw!). Would love to see custom marks added if you could!

    1. While it’s possible, it’s not a service we offer due to the added time complexity. Sorry about that.

  2. Brenin says:

    I was wondering if you can do gigantamax squirtle and bulbasaurs now that the dlc has dropped? And i was also wondering if you could give them hidden abilities or is that not possible yet

    1. Yes, we can. No to HA-Gmax for pre-evos.

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