Gmail’s Problematic App – How To Reply To Emails

Recently, an increasing number of customers have been incorrectly replying to emails. After investigations, it would appear that the Gmail app on iOS and Android hasn’t been working well.

Specifically, replying using the Gmail app right now adds a ridiculous amount of extra spaces between each line of the original email. This poses a User Interface problem, because while replies should go above the original message, some might click into the extra space and create an in-line reply instead. The Gmail team has been made aware of this issue, one can follow along here.

Here’s how replies look in the app:

It’s worth noting some customers don’t know where the Reply button is, and make a new email thread. Please don’t do that. Anyway, from the above, one can see that replying in the app creates a huge amount of blank space, and it is not intuitive where a user should click to start their reply. Hope this diagram makes it clearer.

Gmail’s app also doesn’t seem to format text well, so it shows up quite ugly. How unfortunate.

We do recommend switching over to a better email client, like Outlook. It truly is the best email app you can use on mobile at the moment. Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

This is how our emails look in Outlook:

As always, if you are unable to reliably use emails (because you’re more responsive on other platforms, because you’re unable to receive emails in real-time, or because you don’t know how to use emails), there are plenty of other ways to contact us, which can be found on our Contact page. This includes real-time messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Discord, and Telegram.

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