Farewell, Pokezon

Pokezon is closing down. We have always considered them as our best competitor in the market, and will be sad to see them go.

When we formed our website in 2016, this was a solo endeavor. Looking through others in the market at the time, Pokezon was the only one that stood out. Most sellers are not actually tech savvy, they are script kiddies – evident from the platforms they sell on (random Facebook pages with Google Forms, or lazily slapped together *ugh* Shopify sites). Not Pokezon, which had a respectfully advanced and custom built website.

I, the original head of Rawkhet, have always joked with my team when discussing competitors that if/when Rawkhet does close down, I want to chat with Pokezon and tell them how awesome they are. I didn’t expect the converse to happen. They were truly one of the best, and a huge inspiration to Rawkhet. Wishing them a happy retirement, and greener pastures ahead.

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