Farewell to Pokezon… Again!

Back in 2020, we bid farewell to one of our friendliest competitors, Pokezon. They would later reopen under new management in 2022, and unfortunately, they have closed down once again in 2023. We have always valued the healthy competition and camaraderie we shared with Pokezon, and their presence in the market will be missed.

When we first formed Rawkhet in 2016, we recognized Pokezon as one of the standout players in the industry. Their advanced and custom-built website showcased their commitment to providing a seamless experience for their customers. While we operated with a different approach, we always admired their dedication to excellence and their friendly nature. Our admiration for their work served as an inspiration for us as we iterated on our own platform and sought to improve communication with our customers over the years.

Maintaining friendly relations with Pokezon’s new management over the past year has only deepened our appreciation for their passion and hard work. It is never easy to say goodbye to a competitor who pushed us to strive for better and continuously improve our services.

As we say farewell to Pokezon once again, we extend our best wishes to their team for their future endeavors. We hope that their path forward is filled with success and fulfillment. Farewell, Pokezon, and thank you for making the space less lonely!

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