Exciting Times ahead with Pokemon Home!

More announcements regarding Pokemon Home have sprung up! Looks like there’ll be some nifty trade features that we may be able to play around with. Rawkhet is definitely ready to tackle any challenges from Home, and the two expansions later this year.

There’s bound to be some interesting complications – will there finally be multi-trade? How easy will it be to move Pokemon around? Will this affect pricing? Such exciting times ahead, and thankfully at a time where orders have started to plateau out.

Alright, that’s all the time I’ve got. I’ve gotta get back to playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on my Nintendo 3DS 😉

3 thoughts on “Exciting Times ahead with Pokemon Home!

  1. shane shaffer says:

    are we already able to order certain pokemon home trableable pokemon? Such as Blastoise or even the fabled Gmax Charizard with Drought?

    1. shane shaffer says:

      I meant Gmax Char with SP

      1. Charizard-Gmax with Solar Power has always been available. And yes to Blastoise, already added to Teambuilder.

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