Timings & Clarity

Hi folks, we’ll be updating the estimated preparation time permanently from 12 hours to 24 hours.

Rawkhet Pokemon was founded in a time between jobs, and there was ample time to run 4 rounds of preparations a day. This was especially easy with the 3DS, not so much with the Switch. We’ve been juggling well with SWSH, although there have been many days where we had to go with 2-3 hours of sleep, juggling our full-time jobs.

Most of the time, Rawkhet has been able to deliver orders in under 12 hours. However, there are some days where other commitments creep up, which is where the line from the FAQ “I am human though, with a full-time job – please understand if I am unable to reply for an extended period of time” and the line from the order receipt “This is not our full-time job – please understand if, infrequently, trade hours start abnormally late” comes in.

Rawkhet’s goal is to under promise and over deliver, and the average preparation window for the past 2 days has been 14-18 hours. While we can still hit original estimates of 12 hours on most days, we have decided to permanently increase the estimate to 24 hours for the sake of sanity and helping to set realistic customer expectations on bad days. Messaging has also been updated to highlight the Status page (it was mistakenly removed together with the holiday message).

Thanks everyone for your continued patronage of Rawkhet Pokemon, and sorry to customers who felt deeply affected.

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