Shiny Mew Masterwork Research

Pokemon Go Masterwork Research Shiny Mew

It’s been a while since our last update, but we have added the Shiny Mew from Pokemon Go’s Masterwork Research to our Pokemon Sword and Shield Mew listing. The listing has also received an upgrade and better information for the available Mew is provided. Specifically:

Poke Ball Plus Mew

  • Sword and Shield Origin
  • Poke Ball Plus Event
  • Cannot be Shiny

Faraway Island Mew

  • Emerald, Japanese Origin
  • Faraway Island Event
  • Can be Shiny

Virtual Console Mew

  • Gameboy / Yellow Origin
  • Virtual Console Event
  • Cannot be Shiny

Pokemon Go Mew

  • Go Origin
  • Masterwork Research Quest
  • Can be Shiny

The addition of the Pokemon Go Mew also allows us to have longer English nicknames and trainer names for Shiny Mew. It is now the default Mew in Shiny packages as well, replacing the Faraway Island Mew. Updates have been made to the Home and Legendaries packages to reflect this.

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