The Crown Tundra Orders are LIVE!

Thank you all for your patience the past 3 days. Sword and Shield orders have reopened!

You can find a list of new and updated listings in our earlier update here.

Due to the sheer amount of Legendary Pokemon we have to prepare, the Past-Gen Legendaries and Ultra Beasts Packages are going to take us a little while longer to prepare. Customers are still advised to use the Pokemon Home Gen 1-7 Legendaries listing in place of it.

Unlike the Isle of Armor update which saw us go live immediately, we took the time to enjoy this latest DLC. Playing Dynamax Adventures without the pressure of having to constantly trade was something of a holiday for us, and possibly a well needed one in today’s climate. Here’s hoping that you are all enjoying The Crown Tundra as much as we did!

But wait, there’s more! In about a week or so, we’ll be launching a huge listing – stay tuned!

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