Switch Updates and Custom Pokemon

Switch Updates

Earlier today, Nintendo released a firmware update on the Switch. This means we are unable to go online at the moment and trades are currently on hold (customers with pending orders would have received an email, and the Status page is updated to reflect this).

The good news is that this is a trivial update that can be easily solved, but Nintendo has released the patch at a bad time with Custom Firmware (CFW) currently undergoing a refactor (think restructuring) process that is expected to complete on or by Sunday.

We are well equipped to deal with this and will attempt to process orders ahead of time. As we have 2 Switch consoles, we’ll update one to Official Firmware (OFW) and process outstanding orders on Friday night and the other on Saturday night.

We’re also definitely taking this as an opportunity to recharge and settle work from our other jobs after the past two weeks of constant trading.

Update: Well that was relatively painless. The contingency plans we have in place work flawlessly. All systems back to normal 🙂

Custom Pokemon

We currently have no plans to roll out our Custom Pokemon listing for Sword and Shield. This is because the trade load from the packages is still very high and introducing custom orders may increase wait times from a day to 4-7 days.

For current packages, as stated in the listing descriptions, we don’t offer customization over the packages either (unless specified). This will cause serious delays in an otherwise automated process. We are fine with 1-2 small changes (e.g. Magic Bounce on Hatterene-Gmax), but nothing too drastic please. Keep that for when Custom Pokemon are eventually released 🙂

Regarding “Version Exclusive” packages, we don’t offer that because it was largely unpopular from past experience – namely because it can be merged with Custom Pokemon’s listing. We’ll handle said version exclusives when that time comes.

And yes, we do have more packages on the way – launching very soon!

4 thoughts on “Switch Updates and Custom Pokemon

  1. A.V. says:

    Can I buy multiple at once? Like multiple pokemon from sword and shield and for ultra sun and ultra moon? And receive them together?

    1. Make two separate orders. It’s easier that way.

  2. chilldyl says:

    if i bought the gmax package recently and plan on buying some more packages very soon, would you consider including a gmax snorlax for a small fee.. i dont really need all of the gmaxes again haha

    1. Likely, when Custom Pokemon is released.

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