Squeezed In Teambuilder Updates

Alright, it turns out we had some extra features we wanted to squeeze out before the Isle of Armor DLC hits. The Rawkhet Pokemon Teambuilder has been updated to v3.7, making Custom Pokemon even easier to build!

EV Sliders

The EV Sliders introduced in the last update have been drastically improved, smartly detecting the maximum 510 EVs. Dragging the slider past the limit will automatically spring it back to the maximum. Great for our mobile users! We’ve also added a count at the top of the section to display how many EVs have been used.

Additional Checks

To prevent some common mistakes, several checks have been added. Examples are preventing requests of impossibly leveled Pokemon (e.g. Level 1 Marshadow) and Custom OT on Events (Zeraora with custom trainer name). We’ve also beefed up previous protections and Pokemon that cannot be Shiny, have a custom ball, nickname, or custom trainer data will now reflect as such.

Even More Quality of Life Improvements

For even more ease of use, we’ve included quick links to the currently selected Pokemon’s Learnset page on Bulbapedia and competitive set page on Smogon.

Various Bug Fixes

While rewriting the Teambuilder we found a lot of Species which we did not handle correctly earlier, leading to the Abilities list not populating correctly. There were also some Pokemon that should not be allowed Shiny but the checkbox did not disable correctly. That’s all been fixed!

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