Custom Pokemon

Craft your own dream team or pick out individual Pokemon from across our multiple packages! Easily customize using the Rawkhet Teambuilder.

  • Any legal Pokemon
  • Alpha
  • IVs and EVs
  • Shiny or Normal

Legendaries Package

Get the Legendaries of Pokemon Legends Arceus! These Pokemon are fully trained at Level 100 and ready to flatten your opponents.

  • 18 Pokemon
  • Fully Trained
  • Shiny or Normal
  • Max Effort Levels


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Trade Guide

How to trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you'll need a Nintendo Account and an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Your Switch Friend Code is unnecessary.

  1. After becoming a First Star Member in the Survey Corps, you'll gain access to the Training Post stall located between the Training Grounds and Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village. This stall is in front of the crafting shop.
  2. Talk to the lady and choose "I want to trade Pokemon".
  3. Select "Someone far away" and then enter the Link Code we provide when we're ready to trade.
  4. IMPORTANT: If we don't connect with you within a minute, please reply to let us know so we can troubleshoot the issue.