Pecharunt is ready for some Mochi Mayhem!

Pecharunt's Mochi Mayhem

Hello Trainers!

Get ready for a delightful dose of chaos with the latest in-game event, Mochi Mayhem, featuring the mischievous new Pokemon, Pecharunt! We’re excited to bring you a host of updates and offerings in line with this latest release.

Introducing Pecharunt: Mischief-Maker Extraordinaire

  • Pecharunt Now Available: Looking for an extra dose of mischief in your team? Our new Pecharunt listing is just what you need! This playful ghost comes with a Perfect 6IV and a battle-ready set, perfect for stirring up some mayhem. Whether you don’t have the DLC or just need another, we’ve got you covered.

Teambuilder Update: Customize Your Pecharunt

  • Custom Requests: Our Teambuilder has been updated! Now you can customize your very own Pecharunt under our Custom Pokemon listing. Tailor it to your strategy and let this playful spirit unleash its full potential in battles.

Expanding Our Dex Listings with Pecharunt

  • Paldean Living Dex, The Paldea Dex, and All SV Legendaries Updated: We’ve updated these listings to include Pecharunt, ensuring our collections stay complete and up-to-date. Dive into the diversity of the Paldea region with our comprehensive and ever-growing offerings.

Mightiest Mark Blaziken Tera Raid Event

  • Get Ready for the Challenge (January 12-15 & 19-21): The Mightiest Mark Blaziken Tera Raid Event is on the horizon, and it’s going to be a fiery showdown! To help you triumph, our Raid Killers listing now includes Miraidon and Bellibolt, tailored to give you an edge against Blaziken. Don’t miss out on mastering this intense battle!
  • Blaziken the Unrivaled: We have also added a new dedicated listing for the flightless bird, in case you need an extra or missed the event.

As always, we’re committed to enhancing your Pokemon experience with the latest and greatest from the Pokemon world. We can’t wait to see how Pecharunt adds a touch of playful mischief to your team!

We’d also love to hear your feedback on these new offerings. If there’s something else you’d like to see, or if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Happy training, and enjoy the Mochi Mayhem!

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