New Listings and Raid Killers Update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A collage of defeated Tera Raid battles featuring Typhlosion-Hisui, Eevee, and Samurott-Hisui

Greetings, Trainers!

As your journey through the Pokemon world continues to unfold, we at Rawkhet Pokemon are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates and additions to our lineup of offerings. Get ready to elevate your Pokemon experience with our latest enhancements!

🌟 New Listings Alert! 🌟

We’re expanding our collection, catching up with the latest entries in the Unrivaled series:

Each of these Pokemon have been optimized for battle, complete with their Mightiest Mark to make your team shine.

🔥 Raid Killers Update: Shaymin and Meowscarada 🔥

To aid you in the challenging the Mightiest Hisuian Samurott 7 Star Tera Raid Battle, we’ve added two powerhouse options to our Raid Killers package:

  • Shaymin Sky Form: Super easy solo build, practically mindless.
  • Meowscarada: A defensive titan, perfect for outlasting even the toughest opponents.

These new additions are tailored to help you triumph in the most demanding raids, giving you the edge you need for victory.

🎁 Bonus Reminder for Trainers: Revaroom Mystery Gift! 🎁

Don’t forget to claim your free Revaroom in-game! Use the Mystery Gift code “TEAMSTAR” to add this exciting Pokemon to your collection. This code lasts until October 31, 2024. A little extra something to enhance your Pokemon journey.

🔮 Anticipating The Indigo Disk DLC 🔮

Mark your calendars! The Indigo Disk DLC is set to launch on December 14, 2023. Our team is already gearing up to bring you an array of listings in tune with the new content. Expect to see our new offerings roll out within a week after the DLC’s release, packed with exciting Pokemon and unique opportunities to enhance your gameplay.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for choosing Rawkhet Pokemon as your companion on this incredible journey.

Happy training, and see you in the world of Pokemon!

2 thoughts on “New Listings and Raid Killers Update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. Naura says:

    Will you have a package for Sinnoh starter trio?

    1. Thanks for your interest! We’ll look at new packages once in a while, but for now, you can use the Custom Pokemon listing.

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