March 2019 Update

March Statistics

Some interesting numbers for the month of March 2019. We tried something new with the site’s SEO (Search-Engine Optimization), and saw a tremendous boom in views. Unfortunately, this led to pretty busy and unsustainable schedules and we’ll probably have to scale back down. International customers outside of the United States has increased about three-fold after the update. One other big change is that international customers now see prices in their local currency.

Month / Game Gen 6 Gen 7 LGPE Total
Feb-19 163 2551 345 3059
Mar-19 634 3553 717 4904
Total 6964 66449 1720 75133

Rawkhet 3.0

Something that has plagued Rawkhet since the start is people who don’t read the FAQ or instructions. This leads to delays and is ultimately, again, unsustainable.

We’ve started looking at Rawkhet 3.0, which will be a mass overhaul of the website and our tools to help customers get their Pokemon easier and faster. Rawkhet 2.0, which was done before this blog started and sometime in late 2017, automated a lot of the process – including automated Pokemon generation and the very human-like messaging you see in our order emails (we plan to write about this in a future blog post).

Rawkhet 3.0 is slated for a May 2019 release.

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