Major Teambuilder Updates

A major update for the Rawkhet Pokemon Teambuilder is now live, bringing the version to v3.6. The Teambuilder is used for Custom Pokemon purchases and allows us to automagically churn out your dream Pokemon in seconds. Between v3.5 and v3.6, the Teambuilder was mostly rewritten.

Layout and Quality of Life Improvements

The overall look and feel of the Teambuilder has been made more compact, with less waste of space. We introduced additional options such as Square “Ultra” Shiny, Trainer Data, Ball, and competitive origin in v3.5, and these are now shifted to a separate “Advanced” toggle as they are lesser used. Natures now display stat changes for easy reference. References to Serebii’s guides on Individual Values and Effort Values have been provided, for users who are new or just want to find out more.

IVs and EVs

Probably the biggest change, IVs and EVs are now mobile friendly! Using a slider approach, it is tons easier to input desired values. Drag the slider around or use the traditional input boxes, either work.

Unique Rawkhet Options

Circling back to the new options like Trainer Data and Ball, these are truly unique to Rawkhet and are not part of Showdown Format. We have made great strides in automation to magically make use of these values. This should be far more reliable than human entry, and we’re very excited about this.

What’s Next

Unless any bugs are found, the next update to the Teambuilder will be around June 17, with the release of the Isle of Armor DLC. Stay tuned!

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