Dedicated Scarlet and Violet Page and New VGC Listings

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Header

We’re excited to announce the launch of our dedicated page for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet listings! With this new page, you can easily find all of Rawkhet’s offerings for SV in one place. Our listings are organized into categories, making it simple to find exactly what you need, whether you’re looking for Custom Pokemon, Ditto, Legendaries, or competitive sets.

In addition to our existing selection, we’re excited to introduce two new listings for VGC Sets. These time-tested sets are perfect for those looking to get started in competitive battling, and we’ve put together a great selection to choose from.

As always, all of our listings come with the same high quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Rawkhet. So head on over to our new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet page and find your next favorite Pokemon today!

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