Custom Pokemon Available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

SV Customs

It’s been a crazy few days for us, and would like to thank all our customers thus far for supporting us during this launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We’re now pleased to announce that prices have dropped a stage yesterday, and that we are launching Custom Pokemon for SV today.

As always, you are recommended to use the Rawkhet Teambuilder to craft your requests, as mentioned in the listing description.

Note that prices are still surged and are expected to drop in the coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “Custom Pokemon Available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. Hilda says:

    Can you also custom order a maximum size so it can qualify for the jumbo mark?

    1. Goes under Advanced in the Teambuilder.

  2. Soun says:

    What pokemon can I get from the custom pokemon

    1. Anything that can exist.

  3. Alex says:

    When will charmander/charizard be available as they can only be bred if you want them shiny as people are stating. Thanks!

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