Ultra Beasts Package (8x or 12x, Shiny, Battle Ready, 6IV) – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon

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Get all the Ultra Beasts! Each of them have Perfect 6IVs, a competitive nature, and you can choose if you want them to come fully trained and battle ready or how they were caught. Note that no further customization is allowed on this package. Comes with free Necrozma!

List of Ultra Beasts:

  1. Nihilego
  2. Buzzwole
  3. Pheromosa
  4. Xurkitree
  5. Celesteela
  6. Kartana
  7. Guzzlord
  8. Necrozma
  9. Poipole (basic) (USUM only)
  10. Naganadel (USUM only)
  11. Stakataka (USUM only)
  12. Blacephalon (USUM only)

You can choose if you want them to be Normal or Shiny by leaving a note at checkout. Necrozma cannot be Shiny.

This listing is available for Pokemon Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

Pokemon will be sent via Wi-Fi Link Trade in the in-game Festival Plaza. You will need to catch junk Pokemon to send over in place of what you’re getting. Visit the Trade Guide if you’re not sure how to do this, or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need any help.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Ultra Beasts Package (8x or 12x, Shiny, Battle Ready, 6IV) – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon

  1. lutinosnow

    Fast response and friendly seller:)

  2. eugenetcl

    Reasonable dealing. I totally forgot about the free Necrozma! XD

  3. weibeansoe99

    Great seller to deal with! Item delivered as described. Punctual!

  4. gmforbes10

    Quick and easy trade. Got in touch with me immediately. Will trade again!

  5. Aeryn314

    He/She is awesome!

  6. 105zgell

    Truly amazing!Exactly the way sellers on eBay should be!

  7. meptile


  8. venus756

    Excellent seller! Would work with again.

  9. rubydawg9

    Thank you!!! Great seller, very reliable!!

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