All Totem Pokemon (11x, 6IV, Battle Ready) – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


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Get all 11 Totem Pokemon, with Perfect 6IV and Battle Ready!

List of Totem Pokemon:

  1. Gumshoos
  2. Raticate
  3. Marowak
  4. Araquanid
  5. Lurantis
  6. Salazzle
  7. Vikavolt
  8. Togedemaru
  9. Mimikyu
  10. Ribombee
  11. Kommo-o

This listing is only available for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Note that no customization is allowed on this package.

Pokemon will be sent via Wi-Fi Link Trade in the in-game Festival Plaza. You will need to catch junk Pokemon to send over in place of what you’re getting. Visit the Trade Guide if you’re not sure how to do this, or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need any help.

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