Ditto [6IV Perfect/Shiny/Foreign/Japanese] [Customizable] – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon & XY/ORAS

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Breed the perfect Pokemon for your game with these Perfect 6IV Ditto! Bred Pokemon inherit IVs from the parent Pokemon and combined with a Destiny Knot, your offspring Pokemon will be at their maximum potential.

You can see an in-depth guide on breeding mechanics here.

The Ditto are available in English and in Japanese, and you can choose if it’s Shiny or not. You can also specify what nature you want the Ditto to be.

If not specified and/or no instructions are received, you’ll receive a random natured non-Shiny Ditto in English. The Ditto comes with a Destiny Knot by default.

Further customization is also available – if you’d like, choose their IVs, EVs, level, held item, and more.

This can be purchased for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sun and Moon, X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon will be sent via Wi-Fi Link Trade in the in-game Festival Plaza or Player Search System. You will need to catch junk Pokemon to send over in place of what you’re getting. Visit the Trade Guide if you’re not sure how to do this, or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need any help.

Reviews (59)

59 reviews for Ditto [6IV Perfect/Shiny/Foreign/Japanese] [Customizable] – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon & XY/ORAS

  1. Aztec_Topo

    This guy/gal is SUPER FANTASTIC, I bought 2 max 6IV (shiny) dittos and he delivered them same day! I will definitely be buying more Pokémon and packages from this individual ! Thanks a ton, oh and if you’re reading this and are like me, please believe me that these reviews are not robots or fakes (well at least I hope they’re not 😅) but mine is real and I can vouch for this websites legitimate-ness! Greatest website for buying Pokémon!

  2. Ugnius Velža

    Thanks, pretty fast trade. Polite seller, Finally got my perfect ditto 😀

  3. Wesley Bootes

    Very swift response, extremely efficient and friendly. Thank you, Rawkhet. You made my competitive/shiny breeding dreams come true =)

  4. Yanni3

    Fast and reliable will buy again soon 🙂

  5. sherl0ckd

    Fast, efficient. Great trader. Highly recommended. 🙂

  6. Olivia ღ

    Whole process was real fast, would buy again! ♥

  7. kev.?️‍???

    Super quick trading, fast responces, amazing results. Thank you so much.

  8. rfirst67

    Wonderful Service

  9. jjarr101

    Perfect thx

  10. eugenzuraf0

    Product was perfect!

  11. GPRSLyons

    Absolutely excellent working with this seller. Ten of ten would do again.

  12. Aspintacular

    Wonderful, trustworthy seller! Hope to do business with them again soon.

  13. Daniel

    10/10 would recommend to any Pokémon fan! Dude replies quickly and is super nice!

  14. Incredious

    Fast and easy! Really helped me out to start breeding!

  15. FireFlare

    Great service. The transaction happened within the hour and the seller was polite and easy to work with.

  16. kuckloch

    Very helpful and fast contact. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Sam

    Seller was very responsive and went through extra trouble to make sure my order was right. Very satisfied, would purchase again!

  18. jocoseacrid

    Fast and easy. Got my ditto within a half hour of buying late at night.

  19. arifimanm

    great person! very satisfied

  20. Smoothnuts

    Great seller!

  21. marcornacchioj0

    Awesome seller!

  22. smuglydismissed8

    This was a great experience. I was worried going in, but this exceeded all of my expectations. Very patient with me despite some issues with connectivity during trade. I’m so happy with my ditto and will definitely be coming back!

  23. SailorKellaway

    Great seller. Exactly what was described

  24. Josespin

    Very quick service and was extremely patient during the trading process. I’ll buy another product from this seller in the future.

  25. thekingofsilly

    Exactly as shown, fast service, and very friendly. Thank you!

  26. nemuri-hime626

    Super quick and very helpful. Would buy from again! X3

  27. josh0low

    Very fast response and exactly what I needed.

  28. duckduck

    Great sseller thanks for the smooth deal!

  29. ktidy21

    thank you so much!

  30. ottokinghoffmann

    Via Etsy

  31. pokecenter

    Great seller! Made everything quick and easy to understand. Pokemon was awesome as promised. Can’t wait to get more soon!

  32. danielparmenas

    Via Etsy

  33. hafizfirdaus1987

    Great seller to deal with! Thanks so much for the trade before the payment. 🙂

  34. ihbus

    Amazing trader. Very prompt replies, friendly and helpful attitude! Knows his pokemon, the real deal!

  35. serene619extremist

    Same great service, so happy that I found this shop

  36. jamesfaic

    Thanks again for the pokemons

  37. Vish

    Quick delivery, thanks!

  38. DynamicDuck

    Via Etsy

  39. or.raifman

    Quick and efficent, as promised, great seller

  40. chileno91

    Amazing seller great product! Super fast shipping! And great communication!

  41. LadyAnavrin

    I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase that I will come back and buy some more! Thank you!

  42. jxse

    Via Etsy

  43. nrshouse4


  44. jerry.awweili

    Seller was quick in providing answers to my queries. He is also very patient . Will definitely come to him again:) Great seller to deal with! Thumbs up

  45. jaso-camba

    Fast shipping, I’m satisfied with my product and I’m definitely buying again!

  46. Danielle3732

    We had fast communication and traded the same night. He was also accommodating to help trade some Pokemon for the Pokedex before the Pokemon Bank update. There was only small charges for doing this process. Thank you for the great service.

  47. burntpotato

    Fast and reliable seller:)

  48. Kevalos75

    Delivery was prompt and pleasant , Highly recommended !!!

  49. thewhitehotroom


  50. methras

    Great quality. Fast shipping! Recommended seller

  51. gamer_13_10_1997

    Nice and polite seller.Fast,speedy and smooth deal.Hope we can deal more in the furture thx again and have a nice day ???

  52. daniel.huangshulin

    Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies Thank you!

  53. chronos_thanatos

    arrived quickly and in good condition

  54. hot_chick_canada

    Awesome Seller! Very prompt doing business! Thanks a million!

  55. zhiyang

    Thank you! Fast and Efficient

  56. nihilist88

    Great seller to deal with!

  57. sannxd

    Fast and hassle free seller! Would buy again!

  58. pedr.iriza

    Perfect! Very fast and responsive

  59. bringdownthelights

    Fast and hassle free transaction!! Thank you!

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