Custom Pokemon [Perfect 6IV, Shiny, EVs, Edits] – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon & XY/ORAS

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Specially handcrafted Pokemon at $1.50 each, or a team of 6 at $8.00! If you need a Pokemon custom made for you, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got every Pokemon available!

Showdown Mode (Preferred): You can also provide Pokemon details in Showdown format, for example:-
Persian (M) @ Life Orb
IVs: 30 Atk / 30 SpD
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Ability: Technician
Level: 100
Shiny: Yes
Timid Nature
– Nasty Plot
– Hyper Voice
– Hidden Power [Ghost]
– Water Pulse
* Using Smogon sets? Just hit the Export button on the page!
** Warning: Complex orders NOT using Showdown Mode will only be processed ONCE a day.

Not sure how to use Showdown Format?
Use the Rawkhet Pokemon Teambuilder!

Easy Mode: Request a Pokemon in your order and note any specifications you’d like. (e.g. “Shiny Metagross”).

Advanced Mode (Expect Delays): For each Pokemon, fill up the following:-
Held Item:

If any of the above is left blank, default values will be automatically assigned. If you don’t know what a field means, feel free to ask or leave it blank. IVs and EVs are in the format HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe.

I can edit your Pokemon for you too. For example, if you’d like to power level your Pokemon to Level 100, EV train, rename a traded Pokemon, and more.

Write the details of the Pokemon you’re looking to get at Checkout, under Order Details.

If this is your first time purchasing Custom Pokemon, do also read the dedicated section about Custom Pokemon on the FAQ.

Available for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sun and Moon, X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon will be sent via Wi-Fi Link Trade in the in-game Festival Plaza or Player Search System. You will need to catch junk Pokemon to send over in place of what you’re getting. Visit the Trade Guide if you’re not sure how to do this, or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need any help.

Reviews (210)

210 reviews for Custom Pokemon [Perfect 6IV, Shiny, EVs, Edits] – Pokemon Ultra/Sun/Moon & XY/ORAS

  1. Montana Braden

    Amazing, easy to follow directions, quick and flawless delivery – received my very elaborate customized order of 12 PokΓ©mon the same day I ordered them – exactly the way I ordered them. Highly recommend πŸ™‚

  2. Titan -Bestion

    Excellent Service, got everything I wanted perfectly. Definitely ordering again!

  3. CheeseyDuck768

    Really fast response and prep times! Friendly and professional, I highly recommend!

  4. sherl0ckd

    Fast, efficient. Great trader. All the pokemon were exactly as I wanted. Highly recommended. πŸ™‚

  5. Pro X Arcbeetle

    Let’s just say the 12 hour waiting is a lie….. this guy had everything ready too quick. All the specifications exactly as specified, communicative reliable i will keep doing business. Very satisfied.

  6. Auxicite .

    Perfectly the way I wanted it to be, would buy again.

  7. hopscotchmaster

    Perfecto. Thank you

  8. hanajiko

    Perfect as always! Thanks πŸ™‚

  9. paytogellne-0

    patient and accommodating! great service!

  10. santorla.ue74yj

    order was ready within minutes, would do business again. ?

  11. macky_jack77

    Fantastic Seller! Got every detail I wanted! A++++

  12. l_davd_7w6verss2

    Quick response time; got exactly what I ordered.

  13. jmore129


  14. hanajiko

    Easy communication and very quick. Thanks a bunch!

  15. ajy2010

    Awesome thanks!

  16. demonofthemist

    Wonderful seller; prompt and timely delivery. Highly recommended.

  17. quick_fingers_draw

    Fantastic communication on getting a time to trade: A+ seller

  18. rasm654d

    Fast and on point.

  19. Chippeh

    Great Seller! Fast and friendly!

  20. m8oq3

    Amazing. Went above and beyond. Quick.

  21. itsnguyensanity

    great seller and as described

  22. laccallac

    Great, fast response

  23. mariaaldree-0

    thanks again! πŸ™‚

  24. mariaaldree-0

    thanks again! fast response appreciated

  25. intorben

    Super fast and reliable. Thanks

  26. thattakeshi


  27. j.colling21

    Awesome thanks much! Fast delivery!

  28. robertbasek

    Fastest delivery I have ever experienced. Item as described.

  29. mariaaldree-0

    thanks a lot :))

  30. kswiss6868

    Great item and fast shipping!

  31. JackMCMXCIII

    Great as per usual.

  32. bl4cks0ul

    Quick delivery πŸ™‚

  33. whitewolf361

    Exactly as requested, timely delivery. Thanks again!

  34. ronkeyroo

    Awesome seller, awesome content!

  35. ronkeyroo

    Really pleased, thank you so much!

  36. cprimus13

    Pretty Fast

  37. cprimus13

    Really Fast Thanks

  38. samskyer

    Always satisfied & great communication. Awesome seller.

  39. bl4cks0ul

    Quick service !

  40. reectatchel-0

    AMAZING SELLER SOOO FAST AND IM SO HAPPY. Bought 3 times never let me down!

  41. JackMCMXCIII

    Amazing service and very fast considering the time difference. Use this guy!

  42. kuckloch

    Always a pleasure. πŸ™‚ Will probably trade again sometime.

  43. eriraymund_0

    thank you very much

  44. aidiv-us

    Fast and exactly as I asked. A+

  45. Superteetee

    Couldnt be easier THANK YOU

  46. Peko_VGC

    Great communication and gentle as always. Recommended!

  47. reectatchel-0


  48. Peko_VGC

    Gentle as always!

  49. Peko_VGC

    Perfect for players lazy of breeding, just like me XD Fantastic!

  50. rang5331

    Got my PokΓ©mon same day, and everything went great. Thanks a lot!

  51. orokana_angel

    Quick than most and reliable! Definately will get more !

  52. ruah_piskonit

    Amazing!!! Thank you so much.

  53. noa_weinm

    Fast, efficient guide.

  54. galactic_danger

    Easy, fast, and exactly what I wanted.

  55. samskyer

    Always satisfied & great communication.

  56. whitewolf361

    Awesome service, PokΓ©mon exactly as described & promised! Will use again! πŸ™‚

  57. agu-jos

    Fast and great communication!

  58. idaszak

    Excellent and speedy

  59. kickmcfly

    1000% legit, super fast , great communication will do business again

  60. agu-jos

    Great communication and quick delivery

  61. acis9679

    Great seller to deal with. Replied to my enquiry quite fast and answered all my questions patiently. Overall very fast service at a pretty good price. Definitely will deal with again!

  62. bottled_delusion

    Seller is prompt and patient with problems on the other buyer’s end.

  63. xeemeeh

    Very quick delivery, accuracy and excellent response. Will keep doing business!

  64. ZedMasters

    Always a pleasure buying from you. Thanks again!

  65. aldrripa

    This seller is the best. Great communication and is really helpful. Fast too.

  66. brandoevitt_0

    Simply fantastic service and communication. Definitely my go to from now on.

  67. YouMad90

    great service

  68. gjanovsky

    Fast, accurate, and excellent communication. Will likely buy from this seller again.

  69. oclayborne

    Great communication! Great Product! Fast Response!

  70. DatN15

    Easy to work with. Recommended seller! A++++

  71. DatN15

    A++++ Transaction was fast and easy.

  72. samskyer

    Great seller & communicator. Frequent customer- always a good experience.

  73. ZedMasters

    Excellent as always. I will definitely come again soon.

  74. ZedMasters

    Fast and excellent as always. Thanks a million for the awesome Pokemon.

  75. josepkrin0

    You won t find better service than rawkhetpokemon!!!

  76. ZedMasters

    Superb as always. Might see me again soon lol.

  77. ZedMasters

    Excellent as always. Will always come back whenever I need anything.

  78. chrnguye_zmshau

    Quick shipment and exactly as ordered. Thanks!

  79. ZedMasters

    Excellent communication and super fast delivery. Will definitely come back soon

  80. nataliadriscol

    VERY fast delivery! Great communication and a wonderful product. PERFECT! TY!

  81. ogilv.au2015

    Excellent service

  82. brandym2854

    A +++ Great seller. Item as described. Thank you. Fast shipping.

  83. fezzy6999


  84. gmforbes10

    Exceptional service. Fastest trade I’ve had! DEfinitely Reccomended!

  85. oShadowWarrioro

    Just ordered my other two pokemon I wanted, a Ray and Celebi. Yet again it was fast and friendly service, definitely going to be buying more in the future.

  86. oShadowWarrioro

    Bought a shiny technician scizor to test, He was friendly and the transaction went over smoothly, I am definitely going to order more pokemon.

  87. tbingrui

    Fast and quick trade. Friendly seller

  88. aquaman9092

    A++++++++ , fast , accurate , no mistakes !

  89. idaszak

    Very quick

  90. silent_reflection

    Fantastic service. Best seller I’ve ever bought from hands down. A++++++++++++++

  91. mizter_kk

    Instant service! A+ seller. I will be back very soon! Thank you!

  92. kimikkid_0

    The product arrived super fast and exactly to my specifications! Will recommend!

  93. PrinZBaba

    Very good and really fast seller

  94. akabareiji

    Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Punctual! Pleasant transaction!

  95. colebou

    Awesome job, So fast!!

  96. grayrains79

    Quick and accurate service, would buy from again.

  97. meanpenguinxman

    Amazing seller. 100% recommended. Thank you

  98. evansjf

    Great Seller, Fast Shipping, Would buy from again

  99. disney-world-pins

    AMAZING seller!

  100. arc_erasm

    Great seller good communication and fast delivery

  101. georglope_53

    Great seller

  102. sinestro84

    Great transaction. Will be doing business again.

  103. blackcat9992012

    Easy way of getting exactly what you need, will defiantly buy from again!

  104. cavemanmanifold

    amazing seller 100% wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

  105. klassickon

    Delivery On-point. You rock!

  106. sockform1

    My first time using Rawkhet’s service, what a great experience.

  107. slamshadybroski

    Excellent service, very helpful and fast. Don’t hesitate to buy Pokemon from him

  108. andematmath

    Very fast

  109. fallenarchangel18

    Great value, easy communication!

  110. cavemanmanifold

    amazing seller 100% would recommend!

  111. yayitsmike

    Seller was VERY fast and pokemon were perfect!

  112. airelina

    Legit and very quick to deliver!

  113. tempestmyth92_2

    Excellent service and he got to me quick. Definitely gonna enjoy the shinies

  114. Daniel

    Ordered another PokΓ©mon to help me with shiny hunting and holy crap and I stoked. Made it the way I wanted and surprisingly pretty quick considering I placed the order at midnight. If you need any PokΓ©mon, any specific way, this is your guy.

  115. cavemanmanifold

    amazing seller 100% recommend to anyone.

  116. zoa069

    Amazing service!

  117. Paul

    Via Etsy

  118. shigurekitsune

    Seller kept in contact. Pokemon came as i asked, love it.

  119. samskyer

    Always a pleasant experience. Great communication. A+ seller

  120. vcrisscross

    Thank you so much! Great to work with, A+++ Seller.

  121. slasher1045

    Great Seller!!!

  122. elijah18810

    Amazing Seller

  123. redyoshi333

    Got my Pokemon in the same day, great service!

  124. sesquina3hso42

    Fanstatic!! As always!! Second purchase and will do it again!

  125. hll2847

    Great! Fast, reliable, and patient. Highly recommend!

  126. lolkatz24

    Perfect! Would do again! Exactly what you expect!

  127. Wladkins

    Very good seller. Was very helpful and everything was as described. A++

  128. merg3959

    Thank You for the Tapu Koko!

  129. ExThaNemesis

    Amazing. Great communication as always. Rawkhet is super friendly and helpful!

  130. DaxDl


  131. bigbuyer979

    This seller has very good patience and excellent communication! Will buy again!

  132. bigbuyer979

    Very fast transaction, friendly seller and item is just as described! A++

  133. kevin3269

    Awesome seller! A+++++

  134. charizardlucariopikachunidokingfan

    Thank you so much. πŸ™‚ A++++++

  135. smitty229

    A+++, I only buy Pokemon Rawkhet!!! thanks again will be back!!

  136. eriraymund_0

    Thank you very much, very fast response and transaction πŸ™‚

  137. bossmustang429

    great seller

  138. marauder-lociix

    Everything was perfect! Would definitely recommend and would buy from again! πŸ™‚

  139. 53302563

    Very kind to give a gift didnt need simple lovely Perfect!!!!! A+++++

  140. mercury-angel-00

    The guide works, great service, great communication, worth doing business worth,

  141. destyni33

    Fast trade, good communication.Thank you!

  142. canadianprincess432

    Awesome! Will do more future purchases!

  143. chrnguye_zmshau

    Nice seller would recommend!

  144. rx_sanch3z

    Awesome service!!! πŸ™‚

  145. maliciouskittyrawr

    Immediate response! Fastest service Ive had!! Likely to buy again!

  146. sorenson.nick772012

    Service was excellent and exactly as requested!

  147. loulegos

    Great place to get the pokemon you want shiny. Love it!!!

  148. jordandutson

    This was my first time purchasing pokemon and it definitely won’t be my last. Thank you, RawkhetPokemon.

  149. craipiak

    Delivery was very prompt! Will look to buy from the seller again! πŸ™‚

  150. melillo558

    Via Etsy

  151. djaysyn

    Via Etsy

  152. jpmorales3

    Very pleased with this purchase. Thank you!

  153. mrsoap47

    As always, the very best!!!

  154. Rockerr11

    Seller was very quick in delivering product exactly as described, and communicated every step of the way. Very nice experience.

  155. Amphibiandaryl

    thanks again! finished in 10 minutes!

  156. Amphibiandaryl

    Thanks again for everything!

  157. Amphibiandaryl

    Thanks so much for all your help!

  158. mrsoap47

    Very fast delivery, great communication!

  159. mrsoap47

    Super fast! Thank you!

  160. nomilregie

    Legit Seller. I recommend Buy Pokemons here

  161. djaysyn

    Fast and friendly only person I buy pokemom from.

  162. ktidy21

    thank you! great seller

  163. taylorjanusas

    I love my pokemon so much, Rawkhet Pokemon is the absolute best!!!! πŸ™‚

  164. taylorjanusas

    This shop is amazing, they are absolutely wonderful. Nice, willing to answer any questions, just the best!

  165. jpmorales3

    Quick, same-day delivery. Pokemon arrived exactly as requested. I’ve placed a couple more orders since and have always been very pleased. Thank you!

  166. albinosandoval1

    Via Etsy

  167. shopper_771

    Prompt contact and easy trade. Thank you

  168. Vish

    Thanks as always πŸ™‚

  169. sweetcherrypieee

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  170. restite55

    Great seller to deal with!

  171. TCRAIG93

    The service was absolutely FLAWLESS. I ordered, was given instructions, and had my order before I knew it! Would highly recommend for a player of any level

  172. Mafiosomickey

    Wanted Pokemon for my team and to surprise a friend. Delivered exactly what I needed AND on the same day! Definitely worth it!

  173. Soupson

    Definitely buying again. I got the Pokemon in literally 15 minutes. Anything I wanted, super quick and painless. Thank you very much!

  174. IsabellaM29

    Highly recommended Bonanza seller! A+++++

  175. jelly442

    Very fast trade, thank you!

  176. iluvzjacob

    Via Etsy

  177. serra_misae

    Man i dont got anything else to say just well done good service i recomend him

  178. IsabellaM29

    Excellent service! Love this seller!

  179. derver

    Everything was great! Would do again.

  180. krologa

    Fast delivery, great job on the mons.

  181. kingofashes

    Excellent service, perfectly designed as requested. Will order again.

  182. Verdis


  183. serene619extremist

    came amazingly fast, great service. Would definitely order again

  184. bogun.mar


  185. matejgrz01

    Quick and fast! Good and reliable trader, highly recommended, big A++++ !

  186. Kevalos75

    very Legit, why wait !!!

  187. hoeliday

    very nice person who gave me just what i was looking for! highly recommend! πŸ™‚

  188. albinosandoval1

    Great love it and done as soon as purchased

  189. estone_00

    Great Seller!!!!!!!!

  190. Vindini

    I received my Pokemon very quickly and Got exactly what I was asking for.

  191. borninlustforblood

    Seller was awesome. Very reliable

  192. Kevalos75

    Very legit , Always a pleasure !!!

  193. jakelauer79

    Delivered the pokemon within just a few minutes of me placing the order. I am very pleased.

  194. picklastingymclass

    Fast and easy and communication is great

  195. borninlustforblood

    Great seller. Thanks a lot

  196. borninlustforblood

    Thanks a lot. You are the best

  197. borninlustforblood

    Great seller A+

  198. Oolli3

    Outstanding Experience!

  199. reigarw

    Great service, fast delivery and very polite & courteous. Will recommend

  200. bbru8663

    PERFECT!!! Amazing legit seller and fast ship/replys! <3

  201. Arthur0812

    Second time doing business, highly recommend!!!

  202. Arthur0812

    Great seller will do business with again A+++++

  203. Thatguycf

    Had them in 20 mins or less. Looking forward to future business!

  204. Gagnonzac

    Lightning fast delivery and response time. Had my order delivered within 15 minutes. Couldn’t be happier and will order again in the future. Thanks!

  205. Apextechforce

    Outstanding Experience!

  206. izz007

    Excellent seller, super fast shipping, will buy from again! Thank you!

  207. 105zgell

    Truly amazing!Exactly the way sellers on eBay should be!

  208. Mynameisbarry


  209. shopper_771

    Super quick and easy, immediate delivery. No complaints!

  210. zigzagzhao

    Friendly and professional seller. Highly recommended!

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