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Gigantamax Package (34x, 6IV, Shiny, Battle Ready) – Pokemon Sword and Shield


Get all 34 Gigantamax Pokemon for Sword and Shield! Skip the amount of farming required to find and catch these rare Pokemon, and get ones that have Perfect 6IV, comes with a competitive set, and Shiny!

Kubfu & Urshifu Trio (3x, 6IV, Battle Ready, Gigantamax) – Pokemon Sword and Shield


Babear! Only got one Kubfu and Urshifu? Fret not, get one more basic Kubfu and BOTH forms of Urshifu here! Urshifu-Single-Strike and Urshifu-Rapid-Strike forms will be Battle Ready, with a Perfect 6IV, and suggested EVs and moves. On top of that, both Urshifu will be Gigantamax’d!