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Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.


Is this business still operational?


How will I get my Pokemon, how does this work?

We will perform an online trade in-game. You’d send us junk Pokemon in exchange for Pokemon that you’ve bought. If you’re new to online trading or not sure how to do so, do visit the Trade Guide.

What is your process?

A: Orders are prepared in batches, approximately 2 times a day. This means that your order is not (usually) immediately worked on once you place it, even if we’re online. You are advised to place your order and wait for the email notification that your order is ready to avoid delays. Orders are generally ready within 12-24 hours. Messaging us will NOT speed this up. Messages asking for an ETA are ignored.

Batch preparation begins when enough orders come in and emails are sent when the order is ready. This also means that bigger orders – such as the Legendaries or Mega Evolution Package – are prepared faster. Small orders – such as ordering a single Custom Pokemon – will wait for other orders to be prepared alongside it.

Complex Custom orders NOT using Showdown Mode will only be processed NOT be processed. Orders with errors (e.g. requesting illegal moves on Custom Pokemon) will get stuck.

Do you have...

You can find a full list of listings on the Shop main page. If you can’t find something you want, you can purchase it under Custom Pokemon.

What games do you support?

All Gen 6 (XY, ORAS), Gen 7 (Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee), and Gen 8 (Sword & Shield) games. All listings will state which games they are for in the title and description.

When do I gain the ability to trade in-game?

In X/Y/OR/AS, the Player Search System (PSS) is unlocked by the time you complete the first Gym. In Su/Mo/US/UM, the Festival Plaza is unlocked by the time you visit the Trainer School in Hau’oli City. In LGPE, you get access almost immediately via the Communicate function in the menu. In SWSH, you get access via the Y-Comm, received with the PokeDex.

Can I get banned?

Nope. Has never happened, and will never happen.


How do I order a Pokemon?

Visit the Shop page and add the Pokemon listings you want to the Cart. Write any details about your order in the Order Notes section at Checkout. You can then Checkout your purchase through PayPal or Stripe. PayPal and Stripe both accept essentially every kind of Credit and Debit Card, and neither require you to make an account with them. Other payment methods like Cash or Gift Cards are not supported.

How long does it take for delivery?

When your order is submitted, you will receive an email receipt of your order and you will be contacted within 24 hours (usually a lot less, averaging 12 hours) to arrange collection. If emails don’t work for you, you can find other means of contacting us at the Contact page but do note that all other channels besides email are only checked once a day. We are human though, with a full-time jobs – please understand if we are unable to reply for an extended period of time (usually never above 24 hours).

Is payment on this site secure?

Your payment is handled by PayPal and Stripe, and not by us or this site. We have no visibility over your payment and am simply told by the payment processor when your transaction goes through. That being said, if your card or transaction is declined, you may want to check with your bank as we won’t be able to assist. Additionally, this entire site is secured by SSL.

I didn't receive any email after placing an order!

If you did not receive any email, please check your spam box. Chances are it’s there. If you still can’t find it, send us a message via another means (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc).


Are the Pokemon Legal, and can I use these Pokemon online (trades, battle, Pokemon Bank)?

Definitely. All the Pokemon on this site (including Custom Pokemon) are legal. Generally, illegal/hacked Pokemon cannot be traded and we wouldn’t be able to send them to you. Legal Pokemon can be used for online battle, Battle Spot, and be placed in Pokemon Bank/Home. Any in-game limitations or restrictions placed on some battles (e.g. no legendaries allowed) still apply.

I just started my game, will traded Pokemon obey me?

Traded Pokemon will obey you if you have enough Badges (XY, ORAS, LGPE, SWSH) or Stamps (Ultra/Sun/Moon). It is recommended that you progress further into the game if you want higher level Pokemon. You can read more about Obedience at this article.

What Pokemon cannot be Shiny?

Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Hoopa, Volcanion, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Magearna, Marshadow, and Zeraora cannot be Shiny. If someone offers or trades you one, take note that it’s hacked. Sometimes, hackers send such Pokemon through the GTS.

In LGPE, Mew cannot be Shiny.

In SWSH, Charmander-Gmax, Charmeleon-Gmax, Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus cannot be Shiny.


Complex Custom orders NOT using Showdown Mode will NOT be processed.

You can purchase Custom Pokemon for XY/ORAS/SuMo/USUM here, LGPE here, and SWSH here.

What can you customize in a Pokemon?

We can customize the Pokemon within the legal boundaries of the game, that is, it must be able to exist in the game. For example, we can get you a Max IV, Level 100, specific natured, nicknamed Victini with your trainer name, but we cannot make it shiny because Victini cannot be shiny. We also cannot give Pokemon moves that they cannot learn. Characteristics is also not supported – it is too niche and difficult (and purely cosmetic). Nicknames are a max length of 12 characters.

Can I have my ID on the Pokemon?

If you want your ID on the Pokemon for cosmetic reasons, just write your Trainer Details at Checkout under Order Notes or send it to us. If you have a functional reason for having your ID (e.g. obedience, name rater), you’ll have to send over a reference Pokemon first. The latter will be significantly slower. Functional ID not available for SWSH, keeping in mind you can now rename most traded Pokemon.

Where do I write the details of the Pokemon I want?

Write the details under Order Notes at Checkout.

What are the default values of your Custom Pokemon?

By default, the Pokemon is has Max IVs (6×31, aka 6IV). PPs are maxed. Pokemon are not Shiny unless specified by the customer.

On the subject of Effort Values (EVs)…

Effort Values, or EVs, are capped at 510 per Pokemon, and 252 per stat. An example EV Spread is “252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD”. There is no such thing as “Max Stats”, “Max EVs”, or “Perfect EVs”. You can read more about Effort Values at this article.

On the subject of Shiny Charm / Other Key Items / Z-Crystals…

The Shiny Charm, DNA Splicers, Prison Bottle, and Gracidea are Key Items. Z-Crystals only exist in your own game. They cannot be traded.

On the subject of Spliced Pokemon…

Spliced Pokemon (and their items such as DNA Splicers) cannot be traded. These are Kyurem-Black, Kyurem-White, Necrozma-Dawn and Necrozma-Dusk. You would have to splice them together in your own game. For example, if you want Necrozma-Dawn, you’d need to order both Necrozma and Solgaleo (unless you want to splice it with one of your own).

Additional Information for Let’s Go

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Let’s Go does not have Held Items or Effort Values. Movesets are also very limited – check the Serebii PokeDex to make sure the Pokemon can learn the move if you’re requesting any. All Pokemon from this listing will have maximum Awakening Values (AVs) at 200 in each stat by default.

Trading in Pokemon Let’s Go requires a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Additional Information for Sword and Shield

There are large changes with Sword and Shield. Many Pokemon and moves do not exist – please check if the Pokemon the moves you request can exist!

Trading in Pokemon Sword and Shield requires a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

On the subject of Showdown/Smogon Format

This is the preferred (and international standard) format for Pokemon sets. The format is extremely important (down to the spacing after the colons, capitalization). Extra notes (like Ball, OT) should come before or after the format, not in the middle.

The format is:
Nickname (Species) (Gender) @ Held Item -> or if no nickname, Species (Gender) @ Held Item
IVs: <Any IV that ISN’T 31>
EVs: X HP / X Atk / X Def / X SpA / X SpD / X Spe
Ability: <Ability>
Level: X <you can remove this line if 100>
Shiny: Yes <if no, remove this line>
<Nature> Nature
– Move 1
– Move 2
– Move 3
– Move 4

Two example sets are:
Giovanni (Persian) (M) @ Life Orb
IVs: 30 Atk / 30 SpD
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Ability: Technician
Level: 50
Shiny: Yes
Timid Nature
– Nasty Plot
– Hyper Voice
– Hidden Power [Ghost]
– Water Pulse

Meowth @ Life Orb
IVs: 19 HP
EVs: 236 Atk / 36 SpA / 36 SpD / 196 Spe
Ability: Technician
Level: 5
Hasty Nature
– Fake Out
– Feint

Note that:

  • If IVs are meant to be 6IV, the IV line should not show up.
  • If the Pokemon is NOT Shiny, the Shiny line should not show up (i.e. “Shiny: No” is WRONG).
  • “Nasty Plot” is NOT the same as “Nasty plot”. “Yes” is NOT the same as “yes”. Capitals matter.
  • (Gender) is optional. If there’s no preference, it should be removed.

Because of how complex Showdown Format is, we have a Teambuilder on the website to create the format on your behalf. Do NOT handwrite the format or create your own!

Rawkhet Pokemon has a Teambuilder system so you can easily make your order in Showdown Format!


Why is the Friend Code sent only after an order is placed?

We have multiple consoles – 6 in fact. Customers are assigned the most appropriate console when the order is prepared and it doesn’t make sense to add multiple Friend Codes.

I’m a parent and my child wants me to buy him/her Pokemon! Can I do that?

If you’re buying on behalf of a child, please make sure you understand all the trading instructions to guide your child along. Additionally, make sure you’re accompanying your child throughout the entirety of the process, so we can communicate with you immediately if there are any concerns. The Pokemon Daycare in-game may be more than willing to teach young Pokemon new tricks, but that’s not a service we offer. This website’s target audience is NOT children.

Why are you doing this?

We’d like to help trainers out there get their dream Pokemon quickly – but this takes time. You’re actually paying for our time to get and trade the Pokemon rather than the Pokemon itself. On a side note, PayPal takes 4.4%+$0.30 per transaction, those miscreants! Lump together your transactions if you can!

Return and Refund Policy

Once payment is complete we generally don’t allow refunds unless we are unable to complete your order or if we are unable to establish a trade by our fault. If no contact is received from the buyer, we will also mark the order as complete once some time has passed (although the buyer is free to contact us after that to claim their Pokemon). We don’t accept returns unless the wrong Pokemon was sent. If we make a mistake with your order, you can let us know if you want a refund within two weeks. Please make sure your order details are as detailed as possible to prevent any miscommunication!


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