The Rawkhet Pokemon Living Dex Collection is now LIVE!

Just in time for March, Rawkhet Pokemon’s largest listing has just been released!

Every Pokemon from Generations 1 to 7 – from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola – ready to join you and Pokemon Home and the future. One huge package of over 900 Pokemon representing the best of the past, transferred in minutes!

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Rawkhet Algorithms: Trade Queue

Technical piece! Rawkhet Pokemon gets about 100 orders a day, and prepares Pokemon in batches. At the end of each preparation batch, about 50 emails get sent out for collection. This poses an interesting problem – how do we handle the trade queue in the most efficient manner? Is first-come-first-serve, or FIFO (first-in-first-out) the best solution?

We actually use a custom data structure called a Priority Queue. This gives each order a “weight” or priority which we base off how large the order is (in terms of number of Pokemon to trade). When customers respond to get added to the queue, something like this happens:

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Pokemon Home is Released!

Wow! Lots earlier than expected. Pokemon Home is released and we’re working through the night to get everything ready. Here’s where we are right now (though we’ll probably fall asleep at some point and pick up in the morning).


  • Procurement of templates and ready migration
  • Website Stubs
  • Teambuilder Updates You can find the new Pokemon in Teambuilder and buy them through the Custom Pokemon listing!
  • New SWSH Listings
  • Update Gen 6/7 listings
  • Trade Guide Updates
  • Home Living Dex Listing Now live here!
  • Finalize remaining listings and common messaging

[Edit: Everything from here is on hold because once again, GameFreak can’t do multiplayer right and Home is a hot mess. To keep things safe, we’ll pause here for now]

Reading is Fun!

Once in a while, we get a customer that decides not to read any part of the website during their purchase. Just today, we had a customer that messaged us repeatedly (and rudely) after 5 hours of placing his order, despite the first line of the order confirmation page and the order receipt email, as well as the FAQ and Status pages, all indicating the estimate to be “within 24 hours”. In 3 years of Rawkhet, this is the first banned customer (albeit, we’re having quite a bad day to begin with).

The messaging across the website has had a lot of refinement and thought put into it. When customers ask questions that have already been answered, we try to link them to places they’ve missed (such as the FAQ or Trade Guide) – but questions on timing, particularly below 24 hours, are ignored.

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Toxtricity-Gmax added to the Gigantamax Package

We’re happy to announce that Toxtricity-Gmax has been added to the Gigantamax Package!

Both forms have been added: Amped and Low Key. Price will remain the same, this is the way 🙂

Customers who have previously purchased the Gigantamax Package can purchase the new Pokemon via the Custom Pokemon listing. The two will be automatically added to any pending orders.

The Teambuilder has also been updated for Toxtricity-Gmax and Milcery-Gmax, with various other fixes.

Exciting Times ahead with Pokemon Home!

More announcements regarding Pokemon Home have sprung up! Looks like there’ll be some nifty trade features that we may be able to play around with. Rawkhet is definitely ready to tackle any challenges from Home, and the two expansions later this year.

There’s bound to be some interesting complications – will there finally be multi-trade? How easy will it be to move Pokemon around? Will this affect pricing? Such exciting times ahead, and thankfully at a time where orders have started to plateau out.

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Timings & Clarity

Hi folks, we’ll be updating the estimated preparation time permanently from 12 hours to 24 hours.

Rawkhet Pokemon was founded in a time between jobs, and there was ample time to run 4 rounds of preparations a day. This was especially easy with the 3DS, not so much with the Switch. We’ve been juggling well with SWSH, although there have been many days where we had to go with 2-3 hours of sleep, juggling our full-time jobs.

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