A Faster Site

We probably got desensitized to it over the years, but it turns out the site was pretty slow. We’ve taken the time to optimize the entire website, reworking some of the components. Page loads should now be 50-75% faster! That’s pretty good for a day’s work, feeling very satisfied šŸ™‚

That shouldn’t have broken anything. But if anyone notices something’s weird with the website, do let us know!

Wild Caught Pikachu-Gmax Now Available!


Sounds like we’re selling fish. Wild caught Pikachu-Gmax is now available! This means that Pikachu-Gmax is now able to be Shiny and have its Hidden Ability.

The Gigantamax Package has been updated to include Shiny Pikachu-Gmax and the Teambuilder restrictions have been lifted.

We’ve also made quite a lot of textual improvements to the site over the past few days, which should hopefully make it even easier to read. Error checking at Checkout has also been improved.

It’s Never 7691

Just some fun trivia. Customers who have ordered Pokemon for Sword and Shield might notice (especially repeat customers) that the Order Ready email says the Link Code is 7691, but when the trade is being established they are told to use a different code.

We’ve decided to share one of Rawkhet’s secrets. Any ideas why it’s never the code in the Order Ready email?

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Payment Verification at Checkout

Recently, we had a case where a kid used his father’s credit card to make a purchase resulting in a not so nice exchange with Bank of America. To prevent this from happening in the future, we are requiring that all purchases through StripeĀ¹ will now go through 3D Secure Verification.Ā PayPal is unaffected and there are no changes there.

For most customers, this is business as usual and probably nothing you haven’t seen before. When performing a Checkout through Stripe in the future, you may be prompted for additional information from your bank through “Verified by VISA”, “MasterCard SecureCode”, or “AMEX SafeKey”. This is for your bank or card issuer to confirm you are the cardholder, providing for a 2-factor authentication on your transaction to prevent misuse.

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Rawkhet 3.0

This has been a long time coming, having soft-launched in October 2019. If you havenā€™t been on the website since, youā€™ll find a refreshing new look and feel on both desktop and mobile helping you find what you need much faster, as well as an all new Teambuilder experience for Custom Pokemon. To all returning customers, thank you!

Rawkhet has gone from selling on random platforms to our very own website in December 2016 and finally a design overhaul in October 2019. We have new features such as the Teambuilder to help us facilitate Custom Pokemon in the masses, additional validation at Checkout to check for potential errors, and robust post-Checkout guidance. Messaging and communication has also received updates and is clearer than ever. Perks of having our own website and not some locked down ecosystem likeĀ Shopify.

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Productive Day of Bug Squashing and Updates

Slightly technical piece.

One of those days. We noticed some emails failed to send this morning, which happens sometimes. Because the failure rate was high enough to notice this round, we decided to finally move off SMTPĀ¹ to the much more reliable and powerful Microsoft Graph APIĀ² (since we use Office 365 Enterprise as an email back-end anyway). This should hopefully now guarantee a 100% delivery rate with much more robust logging and security.

But this random post isn’t about that. As always, we performed unit testingĀ³ to make sure all site components are still functional after the update. Green across the board! However, we decided to do a full scale integration testā“ this round and literally buy off our own website. Whoops! It turns out the checkout message hasn’t been showing since October, when the site was fully redesigned. Another function was overriding the output. This has been fixed and customers placing new orders should now have much clearer instructions.

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No, We Can’t Trade To Home

We get quite a few people asking if we can send the Pokemon they’ve purchased via Home – and the answer is no (as stated in the Trade Guide). Here’s why.

Pokemon Home is a hot mess. It truly is! You can’t trade on the Switch so you’re left with the mobile application. The mobile application doesn’t have a box view, opting to display Pokemon in Pokemon Go style (ugh). This makes it truly impossible to keep track of what to trade.

Next, Friend Trade doesn’t work the way most people think itĀ should. Users must be in proximity with each other to trade which at the very least requires GPS spoofing (what is this, Pokemon Go!?). To top it off, you can only do 10 Friend Trades a day!

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